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I can't sleep...

I couldn't sleep so I decided to go ahead and get up and do something halfway useful. I've clothes spinning in both the washer and dryer and have all the dinner dishes cleaned up so at least they won't be staring me in the face in the morning. I went over a few notes I had for work. I'm on a roll, too bad I'll be all baggy eyed in the morning. I still have this sinus thing going and my head seems to throb constantly which has made work miserable all this past week.

My kids had baseball practice tonight but it was all cancelled because of sporadic drizzling of rain. THere's not many practice days left until the games start. And I'm just a part of the audience this year which will be a nice change and especially since some of the rules have changed, I had a difficult enough time remembering the original ones.

I haven't written anything in forever, since early last year I think. I just don't have the knack for it right now. I'll get back to it one day though...

And I missed Supernatural tonight while we were still waiting at the ballfield. It was a rerun though, the one about Bobby being in a coma and dreaming about his wife. I wouldn't have minded seeing it again though. I think the new episodes begin on the 24th.


I hope you're feeling better by now with all the sinus problems. Sometimes that'll hang on awhile though.

We've haven't started our baseball/softball games yet. Still trying to practice though half of them don't show up.

Yes, the Supernatural episode with Bobby was good. I saw part of it, I was waiting for a preview of the new show but if one was shown I missed it.