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HELP! I haven’t even started shopping for Christmas and everyone’s bragging about how they’re almost finished. I have no clue what to get my mother. I’ve three gifts to buy for church and at least 3, maybe more, for work. I’ve about eight to buy and mail, and then all the family here. It’s depressing. I don’t spend a lot of money on gifts but I do like them to be something I know is wanted or needed by the recipient and this year I’m just clueless about everybody.

I’ve just spent too much for a new microwave but the old one was smoking, I think I got lung poisoning or something already from it. But the new one’s all beautiful and shiny and I don’t want to even set my stuff on it that I had on my old one. Now if I could come up with a new stove I’d be all set. Not that I cook as much as I once did, the joy has temporarily gone out of it.

And I don’t have the new LotF book and it’s killing me. And I can’t find the new Supernatural books though I was shocked the local grocery store had the magazine ($36 for a subscription…eeep!). Not that I’ve time to read them but…I JUST WANT THEM.

I’m thinking of playing hooky from work tomorrow. Bad girl…*slaps hand* But I need a little peace and quiet and I want to get my Christmas decorations out in the yard and I need to do things around the house and a need to make lists of everything I need to do…and…and…