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Transformers, Supernatural, and Harry Potter...

I went to see the new Transformers movie today and was very pleasantly surprised by it. I was still thinking of the stuff my brother watched when we were kids but this was many steps above. The casting was excellent as was most of the special effects. And I was glad they started out with a lot about the human characters, that way by the time things got rough you really cared about them. Poor Sam...check out the parents and dog.

Then tonight we watched the Supernatural rerun...my brain zoned every time I looked at Dean...really enjoyed this one though I'd seen it the first time around. Don't you just love the end...the looks, the comments, the music?

Then we watched a Harry Potter program, on A&E I think, that speculated on the upcoming story. Very interesting though it didn't really clear up anything for me or even change my ideas about any of it. I'm still rooting for Draco and Snape to have a nice part in the last book. Jason Isaacs...the man is beautiful in such an unusual way.