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The world gets a little more insane...

It's amazing what a couple of fanatics can do isn't it? They can turn something like LiveJournal upside down and make it dance like a puppet. It really is true that nowhere is safe anymore. It's like when you go to one of those sites, but not with my dinosaur computer, where you can zoom in on the area you live, then closer and closer until you can see not only the roof of your house but your lawn furniture too. Well, right now I feel like that lawn furniture and it's not pleasant.

I have never hurt anyone in my life deliberately and until I do it is no one's business what I read, write, or like to look at.

On to other little life details before my blood pressure shoots up any higher.

I've seen a couple of the Star Wars shows the past week and while they contained no new information, visually they were very beautiful and I had little Star Wars plot bunnies scampering all through my head. Let's see...I saw Harrison Ford's bio...he just gets more appealing with age...but I missed Mark Hamill's and George Lucas'.

I bough Star Wars stamps!!! But I can't bring myself to remove them from the sheet, they're so pretty. I'll have to buy more if I want to actually use them on a letter.

Sacrifice!!!!! Yes, it's mine now. By the way, I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation as to why some LOTF books are paperback and some hardcover?? Poor Jacen, he is really off the map now. And still so damn sure about everything. And nothing bothers him! Even knowing how everyone will feel towards him...he just looks at it all so matter-of-factly.

I saw Pirates of the Caribbean. Wonderful movie but doesn't quite have the feeling of the other two, does it? There were a couple of senseless acts in the film that did absolutely nothing for the plot so I'm not sure why they had to happen. Still though, well worth the money spent to see it. Has anyone seen the latest Rolling Stone magazine with Johnny Depp and Keith Richards?