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Still Living, Star Wars EU, Jaina Solo, Jacen Solo, Rated G

Title: Still Living
Author: anakins_shadow
Fandom: Star Wars EU
Characters: Jaina Solo, Jacen Solo
Setting: An unknown medical facility.
Rating: Rated G
Warnings: None
Word Count: around 1040
Disclaimers: I do not own the characters or Star Wars. I make no profit from them.
Summary: Jaina Solo is called to brother Jacen’s bedside after he is injured.

I couldn't resist writing this in response to the April 2007 Challenge at the jedi_brothers community.

Still Living

Jaina Solo sat with her head down, a curtain of dark hair partially concealing her face, and her hands held tightly together, in the drab grey corridor of a medical facility. She could hear the beeps and whirs and chirps of the equipment. Could hear the murmur of the staff’s voices as they consulted one another.

People were dying around her. She could feel their deaths through the Force. Some went quietly, some did not. But her concern lay with the one in room 32-B4. Her twin brother, Jacen, was in that room. Her brother, who was severely injured, possibly dying.

They had not been bonded together through the Force for many years. Things had happened, decisions made, different paths taken. But, even so, she could feel the faint flicker of his life force. So familiar and yet, at the same time, alien. She felt a wrench somewhere in her heart, a yearning for things long passed.

She did not know if he would want her here…but here she would stay. He was still a part of her though the threads that had once connected them, the intricate threads that could only be possessed by a pair of twins, each strong with the Force, were weakened and faded.

Lost in thoughts and feelings of the past, it was a time before she became aware that someone stood in front of her and, frowning, she looked up. A human healer stood in front of her. An older man, his face wrinkled and careworn but dark eyes still ablaze with life.

“Your brother is conscious…for a brief time only. He will have to be taken back into surgery in a few moments.” He hesitated, eyes searching her face. “His condition may be…a little shocking for you to see…but…would you like to see him? It may be wise that you did…his condition is very…serious.”

She looked into the healer’s dark, kind eyes. “Is he dying?” Her voice was a hoarse whisper and she cleared her throat painfully. “Is Jacen going to die?”

When he hesitated in answering, she quickly stood up. “Yes…yes, I want to see him.”

* * * * *

After what seemed an agonizingly long period of time during which her clothes had been taken from her and she had been decontaminated and redressed in special garments, she let herself be guided back down the hallway and into the room where Jacen was.

At first, all she could see was machines and monitors. Then her eyes found the figure in the bed. He seemed very small under the coverings. They had told her that his legs were badly injured and she could see the special equipment that encased each one. He was swathed in bandages; they concealed the burns and other injuries. He could not be put into a bacta tank until the surgeries on the massive internal injuries were completed.

She walked slowly to the side of the narrow bed and grasped the rail tightly with gloved hands. At first, looking at the injured man, she had a wild thought that it had all been a horrible mistake. Jacen could not be so wounded. He was…invincible. But then she felt it, that…tickle, somewhere inside of her that told her when her brother was near.

“Jacen? Jacen can you hear me? It’s…it’s Jaina…”

The tears that had been threatening finally overflowed and she bowed her head, trying desperately to control herself.

Finally, when her vision had cleared a little and she felt calmer, she looked again at her brother. She was startled to see his eyes were open a little and he seemed to be looking at her. The flesh around his eyes was bruised and burned and bandages covered some of his face. His lips were also cut and bruised.

“Jaina?” She felt her breath catch in her throat again at the rough whisper.

Moving closer, she tried to smile at him. She wanted to touch him but didn’t know where it would be safe to, so instead she leaned a little over the bed.

“Yes…yes, it’s me…Jaina. Are you…are you hurting very badly?”

“No.” He closed his eyes briefly and then opened them again. “Jaina…I can’t find him. I’ve looked everywhere. You have to help me find him.” He tried to move then and she heard his gasp of pain.

“No…no, don’t move. You’re hurt badly and you need to be still.”


She frowned, leaning a bit closer. “What…Jacen?”

“Help me find him. Please…I need to find him. I’m late. What if he doesn’t wait for me?”

She could see the desperation in his brown eyes, the fear. “Who, Jacen? Who do you want to find?”

“Ani…I have to find Ani.” He seemed to relax for a moment, his eyes losing focus and he looked away from her. “We were going away, you know. Away somewhere…where no one would know us. But he left without me…and I can’t find him.” He closed his eyes. “But you’ll help me find him…please, Jaina.”

Jaina stared at her brother. She would do anything for him, no matter what had happened the last few years. But he asked for the impossible.

“Miss?” Jaina startled, turned to find the healer behind her.

“We need to take him to surgery. Is there any way to reach this person that he’s been asking for? It…might be best to get him here. Your brother…may not live through the surgery.”

He gently drew her away from the bed while the medical droids moved in to make preparations.

“I’ve been trying to reach our parents and other family members but haven’t gotten through yet.”

“And…Ani? Is there a way to reach him? Your brother has been asking for him since he was brought in.”

“No.” Her voice broke and at first she couldn’t continue. “Ani…was our younger brother, Anakin. He died a long time ago.” She rubbed her hand across her eyes. “Jacen…loved him very much.”

The healer patted her shoulder. “I see. I’m sorry.”

Jaina nodded and let him guide her back out the door and down the hallway. She removed the special suit in a small cubicle, putting back on her own wrinkled clothing. Slowly she made her way back to her original seat and sat down to wait.

Yes, I know I'm suppose to be working on the rest of "A Dark Lord's Heart"! I haven't forgotten...