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A Dark Lord's Heart, Chapter 1, Star Wars AU, Luke and Anakin, Rated G

Title: A Dark Lord’s Heart, Chapter 1
Author: anakins_shadow
Fandom: Star Wars AU
Characters: Luke Skywalker, Anakin Skywalker, Owen Lars, Beru Lars
Setting: Tatooine, around 6 years after events occurring in Revenge of the Sith.
Rating: Rated G
Warnings: None for this chapter.
Word Count: about 2060
Disclaimers: I do not own the characters or Star Wars. I make no profit from them.
Summary: A story in which Anakin Skywalker had regular contact with his son, Luke, as he grew up under the care of Owen and Beru Lars.

A Dark Lord’s Heart, Chapter 1

He was going to see his father today. It had been a long time since he had seen him, months and months and Luke had a lot of things to tell him. Luke was all grown up now. He was 6 years old. He had started going to the little school in Anchorhead a few months ago. Uncle Owen hadn’t really wanted him to go, but Luke had heard them talking about it and Aunt Beru had said his father would want him to go.

School was okay. Sometimes. He liked to be able to play with the other children and he didn’t mind the lessons much. Sometimes they talked about interesting things like other planets and even starships. That’s what he was going to do. He was going to pilot a starship. He wondered if he should tell his father. Uncle Owen thought it was a bad idea. Maybe his father would too.

He heard Aunt Beru calling him and he quickly ran outside. Uncle Owen had the speeder ready to go. “Come on! Luke! Beru! We’re going to be late!” Luke quickly climbed up into his usual spot and Aunt Beru sat in front with Uncle Owen. He was going to see his father! Luke felt little shivers of excitement run up and down his spine.

He wondered…maybe today was the day his father would take him home with him. Luke had asked before. Had asked Aunt Beru why he didn’t live with his father. She had said that it was because his father was very busy and he had a job with a lot of responsibilities. Luke wasn’t sure yet what that word meant but it sounded important.

The last time Luke saw his father he had seemed sad. He had held Luke for a long time. Luke had thought that his father hadn’t really wanted to leave him. When he was leaving the house that day, Luke heard Uncle Owen whisper to him that maybe he shouldn’t come to the farm for a while; someone had noticed they’d had a visitor and asked questions. The next time they should meet somewhere else. That’s why they were going all the way to Mos Eisley this time.

When Luke had started to school, some of the other children had asked him where his mother and father were. He told them that his mother had gotten sick and died when he was a little baby and that he didn’t know where his father lived. The teacher had heard him and admonished him for telling a lie. She said his father had died. She said he’d been a navigator on a freighter and he had died a long time ago too.

Luke hadn’t said anything. After all, Aunt Beru had told him not to pick fights at school. She said it was an important place for learning and he should always be on his best behavior. He had thought about what the teacher had said for a few days. He had worried and hadn’t slept well.

Finally, when Uncle Owen was gone one day, Luke had asked Aunt Beru why his teacher had said his father was dead. Beru had told Luke it was because everyone thought he was. His father’s job was so special and dangerous that he had to pretend to be someone else for a while.

She had told Luke that they must keep it all a secret or his father wouldn’t be able to come see them anymore and might get in a lot of trouble. She said it was very important that Luke never tell anyone else about his father…not his teacher, not his friends, and especially not Owen’s friend, Ben, who visited them sometimes and brought Luke presents and ate supper with them.

Luke had sat quietly and thought about what Aunt Beru had said. He certainly did not want to get his father in trouble. And he didn’t want him not to be able to come and visit them anymore. Luke’s heart had hurt at the thought of never seeing his father. He loved his father and he knew his father loved him. He could tell because sometimes Luke had a special way of knowing things.

The hum of the speeder gradually lulled Luke to sleep. When he awoke, blinking in the harsh sunlight, he discovered they were on the outskirts of Mos Eisley. Uncle Owen had pulled over to check the directions he’d been given. Aunt Beru turned around in her seat to look at Luke and smiled. “Are you excited, Luke?”

He nodded, unable to hold back his own smile. “Will it take much longer to get there? Will my father already be there? Can I stay with him all day?” Luke’s blue eyes seemed to glow with excitement.

Beru laughed at his exuberance, and answered, “Not much longer…he should be…and yes, you can.” She reached back and brushed Luke’s hair out of his eyes. “I know you miss him, Luke. I wish things could be different. But Owen and I love you too and I’m glad that you are with us.”

Luke felt his face redden and he looked away shyly, “I know. I like staying with you and Uncle Owen.” He crossed his fingers behind his back. It wasn’t exactly a lie. Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru had always been kind to him and he loved them too, but…he wanted his father. More and more all the time, it seemed. They belonged together.

“Okay, I know where we’re going now. It’s actually not too far.” The sound of Owen’s gruff voice brought Luke out of his thoughts and he eagerly sat up straighter to view the passing sights. Owen drove very carefully and Luke thought he probably didn’t really like piloting the speeder in the busy traffic. They were in the New Quarter, considered safer than the Old Quarter, but still far from crime-free. Owen had already lectured Beru and Luke about being careful while they were here.

Beru was also looking at the shops they were passing, trying to remember where some of them were so she could come back to them later. Owen and Beru had plans to shop and find much needed supplies and parts while they were here. Luke could tell Aunt Beru was excited about it, she didn’t often get to go anywhere either.

While they were shopping today, Luke would get to spend the entire time with his father. He clasped his hands together tightly, wondering what they would do, what they would talk about. They would also get to spend the night here in Mos Eisley in an inn and Luke was hoping he would get to stay with his father in his room instead of with Owen and Beru.

After going down many crowded streets, turning this way and that, Owen finally pulled the speeder into a parking area of an inn. The attendant on duty walked up to him and confirmed that they had reservations to stay the night. He helped them unload their bags and they followed him inside.

Luke gasped at the cool air inside. Owen went up to the counter and checked them in. Luke heard him ask how much he needed to pay but a strange man, with green tinged skin and long tails growing off his head, said that someone had already paid for their room. Luke thought that his father must have paid for it and hoped Uncle Owen wouldn’t get mad about that, he always said he liked to pay his own way. Owen looked at the man a few moments, then nodded and thanked him.

Owen turned and gestured for Beru and Luke to follow him and the attendant, who was still holding their bags. Then he stopped and held his hand out to Luke. Luke put his small hand into his uncle’s large calloused one. Owen gave him a rare smile and said, “Come along, young Luke. We’ll put our things in the room and then go find him…if he doesn’t find us first!” He winked at Luke and they all walked to the turbolift that carried them up to the third floor.

Luke was amazed at the room. It was large and there were two beds, covered with thick blue coverings. The floor was polished to a high shine and there were pictures on the wall. He ran over to the window and looked out and marveled at how high up they were. He decided he needed to make use of the fresher after their long trip and was astounded that it was larger than his bedroom back home.

As he came back into the main room, he found his uncle carefully counting his credits and Aunt Beru brushing her wind-blown hair. Luke didn’t want to rush them but he felt as though he would jump out of his own skin if he didn’t see his father soon. He knew he was here. Ever since they had walked into the building, Luke had known he was nearby. He could feel it.

Thinking he was going to explode if they didn’t do something now, Luke said, “Uncle Owen…” Just as Owen looked up at Luke, the door buzzed. They all froze and looked at one another. Putting his credits back in their safe spot, Owen walked to the door and pushed the button for the intercom. “Yes…who is it?”

Someone said something but Luke couldn’t hear it clearly. But then Owen was opening the door and Luke’s father was standing there. Luke stood, staring, his feet rooted to the floor. His father was dressed in a lot of dark clothing, as he had been the other times Luke had seen him. Tall black boots and gloves on his hands. Even his head was mostly covered.

But his eyes were not covered, the blueness of them striking, even in the dim lighting of the room. “Anakin…it’s good to see you,” Owen said and held his hand out. Anakin shook his hand but his eyes were quickly sliding past Owen to latch onto Luke. Beru had quickly stepped up and hugged Anakin, murmuring something to him. Then they were all looking at Luke.

Owen cleared his throat, “He’s been so excited ever since he found out he was going to see you…I think he must be in shock.” Owen’s words seemed to snap Luke out of his daze and then he was running for his father. Anakin knelt and Luke threw himself into his father’s embrace, wrapping his arms tightly around his neck.

Luke felt tears burn his eyes and he stifled a sob. No! I won’t cry! I’m a big boy now. His father held him very tightly for a few moments then gently set him back a little. “Let me look at you, Luke. You’ve grown so much!” His father’s voice was husky, not much over a whisper, but Luke loved the sound of it.

“I’m a big boy now, Father. I’m almost grown!”

Anakin’s eyes tilted up a little and Luke thought he must be smiling. “I can see that! How old are you now?” His hand gently brushed at Luke’s hair and the side of his face.

“I’m six years old now. I’m going to school and learning about all kinds of things!”

“Well, I want to hear everything. Why don’t you come back to my room with me and we’ll talk.” Awkwardly standing, Anakin looked over at Owen and Beru. A silent agreement seemed to pass between them all, and they all walked out into the hallway, with Owen and Beru saying their intentions to spend the day shopping. They all agreed to meet in the dining area in the late evening.

Then they were gone and Luke was alone with his father. He looked up, very far up since his father was a tall man, and Anakin’s blue eyes met his own again. His father lay a gentle hand on his head and said, “Come on, Luke. I think you have a lot to tell me and I feel as though I’ve been waiting forever to hear it.”


An interesting little story, I'm not really a Star Wars fan, and I must admit to only having seen the first original trilogy, but I did enjoy reading this, the childish excitement to meet his father was just perfect...

Anyway, just though you should know that under LiveJournal TOS, you must have your Date Of Birth visible in your profile, before I can validate your membership to historicalslash, as it is classed as having adult content.